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COVID 19 has covered the whole earth with death, panic and isolation. This pandemic has broken our lives and routines. Either poor or rich, either powerful or common people have been victimized by this small and almost invisible threatening. The only possible way to stay safe and to preserve our existence has been taking distance from friends, relatives or lovers.

Streets, neighbourhoods and cities completely lonely. But the human spirit always gets strong and battles against this existential crisis.  The reservoir of creativity and technology has made possible the interaction and interconnection among an overflowed creativity that cannot be self contained anymore behind the walls. Then, from the creator soul, the memory of the inner light starts to expand without contention.

Either witnessing with caution the surroundings or symbolizing this new state of life or feeling or expressing the power of his response, every creator reveals his most powerful tools: his beating heart, his mind, his consciousness, his energy, his voice, his movement and his traces. And this internal movement is just starting to get brighter and many people are getting the awareness of how the human spirit has the strong potential to evolve to a new stage. 

Many of us have rediscovered the meaning and the real joy of love, friendship and family in the internal coexistence or even in the distance.

Nature and their beings have rediscovered and aboarded new spaces previously considered as dangerous or forbidden due to the humanoids occupation.

We shall not forget those who risked their lives for helping us to stay safe. We shall overcome this dark and almost purifying time. We shall witness and remember the creative power of the real human beings. 

By the end of the pandemic we shall be in presence of a  new way of interaction between our nature and a more sensitive human being and this creation in pandemic time will force all of us to remember that the harmony  is much more than a block of simultaneous sounds, movements, colors or traces. Harmony is the power of  creation, memory, help  and survival perfectly interlaced. 

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